Ministries, Diplomatic Missions & more

The Alliance GSA is Advisor of selected Ministries, Diplomatic Missions and Organizations. The direct communication between  different levels, arranged through independent parties brings objective views and efficient solutions.


Technicians, Project Developers

Project development needs experience and professional support. The Alliance of Strategic Affairs combines all under one roof. Technical Engineers, local Constructors, Architects, and the Authorities, to have direct communications. We are creating effective strategies to manage comprehensive challenges and to realize sustainable projects. 


We are creating protected Investment structures for our Investment partners. Secured cash - flows, monitoring, the arrangement of buy-outs and professional advisory through our affiliated licensed Private Bankers & Brokers.

Investors, Banks, Holdings 


Due diligence, compliance and countering corruption and money-laundering. private and corporate investigations, repatriation of stolen funds & assets worldwide.

Compliance, Financial Crime