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Our Mission
Our Mission

"The main target of the International Human Rights Community is to reduce poverty, to stabilize the macroeconomy and to support covering elementary needs."

The International Human Rights Community has the mission to support environmental protection, engineering design of global markets and cooperations, creation and implementation of scientific research and the educational development worldwide. The IHRC creates and monitores social and humanitarian programs in the areas of Nutrition, Recycling, Energy, Infrastructure, Health Care and Peace based on individual needs.


The activities of the IHRC contain especially the promotion and support of the realization of sustainable and  environmental development projects, in accordance with the globalization movement. The IHRC acts on the basis of humanitarian, social and cultural principles, the preparation, evaluation and coordination of micro- and macroeconomic analyses and support for its implementation.



A major task is also the support and advisory of corporations, institutions, organizations and governmental structures to create solutions to reach individual aims with a worldwide experienced network and to avoid, elucidate and prosecute suspected cases of corruption, criminal acts and organized crime.

The IHRC creates secured and individual structures to protect Investors, Developers, States and the global population.

Agenda 2030

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