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Human life is defined by consumption and resulting garbage. We use packaged goods and goods and produce waste. Our waste contains valuable raw materials.
This is only to deposit is not the goal of modern waste management.


We have the expertise to reuse all waste sensibly.

Whether it is to recover plastics or metals, to generate energy from waste or to produce fertilizer which does not pollute the environment.

In doing so, we are not only concerned about recycling the currently occurring substances in an environmentally sound manner. We also take care of the legacy of past, faulty disposal. We separate poisons and contaminants from materials. In this way, we are reaping land for agricultural use and valuable raw materials for further processing and reuse. This saves resources and energy.

1. Waste prevention: this includes inter alia the ban on environmentally hazardous substances such as PCBs, CFCs.


2. Preparation for reuse: that is, a reuse of the estate such as a deposit, second-hand use.

3. Recycling by material recycling: defined waste material flows or parts thereof are processed in order to recover secondary marketable raw materials.

4. other utilization, eg by energetic utilization: the substances are burnt or gassed, but with the sole aim of the energy production.

Solution 1

Recycling and recovery of red mud (aluminum production)

Solution 2

Carbon from coal (lignite and coal) prior to combustion for energy production in coal power plants

Solution 3

Recycling and recovery of conventional coal ash and fly ash

Solution 4

Refining of crude oil and oil sands with enormous efficiency improvements and quantity increases

Solution 5

Refining of conventional fuels with enormous quality improvements and increases in volume

Solution 6

Individual Models: Customized solutions according to customer needs

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